Semi-Automatic Shotgun

weapon (ranged)

Type: Shotgun
Damage: 2d8, ballistic
Critical: 20
Ammunition: 12 Gauge
Magazine: 6 box
Range Increment: 40ft (400ft max range)
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Large
Weight: 9lbs (Magazine 2lbs/0.5lbs)

Game Rules:
Shotguns suffer -2 to damage per range increment rather than a -2 attack roll.
Choke setting: Shotguns normally operate on a standard choke. Resetting the choke requires 1 minute and a repair check (DC 10).
Open Choke: +1 attack roll, range increment halved. Slug ammunition may only be fired from open choke settings.
Full Choke: Instead of normal range penalties, -1 attack roll and -1 damage per increment.

Ammunition Types:
00 shot: Standard ammunition
Birdshot: Low powered ammunition similar to 00 shot.
CS: Essentially a miniature tear gas grenade fills a 10ft radius area with CS gas. Low power shell.
CS Penetrator: Similar to the standard CS round, designed to fire through a doorway.
Dragon: Round that discharges a burst of fire instead of a projectile. Burst is 5ft wide/20ft long. 2d6 fire damage to all in area (reflex save DC 15 for half). Causes weapon to become unreliable until cleaned.
Riot: Deals non lethal damage, low powered ammunition.
Slug: Solid projectile round,
Slug Penetrator: Slug round designed to penetrate armor or cover.



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